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Tourstub September 23, 2018

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West Coast Road Trip USA – Larissa Schmidt I GoPro 3 (HD)

4561 km. 2 girls. 1 car. No plan.

After we lived 1 year as Au Pairs in New York City 2 friends decided to do a road trip at the west coast of the USA! We just started driving with no plan.
16 days of traveling. Filled with adventures and crazy stories!
The trip of my life since now!

We did this trip in September 2015 and stopped at:
Yosemite Nationalpark – Lake June – Death Valley Nationalpark – Las Vegas – Zion National Park – Horseshoe Bend – Antelope Canyon – Seligman, Route 66 – Grand Canyon – Lake Havasu – Amboy, Route 66 – San Diego – Los Angeles – Santa Barbara – Pacific Highway 1 – San Francisco – Santa Rosa

My first video – hope you like it!
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Music: 5 hours – Deorro (…)

Camera: GoPro hero 3 Silver Edition
Cut & Edit: iMovie

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  1. Robert Dudka

    Nice video ^^ when next video ?

  2. Billa B

    Wha car rental did you use?? I am looking to do a very similar road trip but I am struggling to find a car rental that isn't too expensive!

  3. Tomas Uhrin

    Great Job! …. where did you sleep? motel? camping?

  4. sorathunderknight

    The scenery is awesome the camera angles are to shaky and the music doesn't really go with the setting…..

  5. Herr Jakke

    Cool video, you put a lot of effort into it! May I ask you, what is the name of the road between 2:302:36min? Somewhere in Death Valley? Greets, Jan

  6. Adrien Schiltz

    Hello that's a great trip you've done here ! If I can give you some advices to improve your video, try to shoot them in 60 frames per second, it will be much better for your slow motion effects !

  7. duhlime

    Awesome! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

  8. thiego coelho

    Larissa….what´s uo? where is on 2:20sec??

  9. MrGucio00000

    Can I ask how much you spend for this trip- more or less without flight?

  10. garybsg

    great trip

  11. Grace Carmella


  12. mrtn79

    Very cool video, looks great! Especially SF is always a blast for me! Keep the good work up. If you like please check my channel. I did a West Coast Roadtrip too. Would be interested how you like it. Cheers!

  13. Ingrid Fortuny Brulles

    Amazing, hom much days stay in this trip?

  14. Bente M

    Amazing video! I live in the netherlands and i really want to go to america after im done with school. I was also thinking about being a nanny for half a year to a year. Would you recommend doing that or did you not like being a nanny there?

  15. Chalex _life

    Awesome! realy we love it <3 this year we done a east coast tour .. was very cool too 🙂 But one day we will visit the west coast … So beautiful 🙂

  16. Diego Almeida

    Nice video! Congrats!

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