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Tourstub May 20, 2019

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Walt Disney World & Orlando Vacation 2015 Flight to Orlando and Arriving at Cabana Bay Resort

Our Walt Disney World & Orlando vacation continues

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It’s a new day and we head off for breakfast at the Hampton by Hilton. Full breakfast buffet is located near reception and has a great selection and check out Stephie making her waffle. As we finish our breakfast we head back to the room and say goodbye to our room and go through North terminal security and into departures.

While walking round we have a look around the different shops and restaurants, till we hear our flight is ready to board and then we find out something very surprising.

Thats right you heard it we were upgraded to business class OMG!!!!

As we have never experience business class on any flight we were in complete shock to find that our seats fully reclined to become like a bed. We tried out the amazing top class food which was brilliant and the hours flew by so quickly that 9 hours seemed like minutes.

As we landed in Orlando and got through immigration we got our bags at luggage reclaim we took the option of dropping our bags to be delivered to the main terminal and we found that this is not a good idea as it took a very long time and that is time wasted in Orlando!

After grabbing a cab we arrived at our first Hotel Cabana bay beach resort at Universal Studios and as we arrived and checked in we were surprised on how good the place looked very clean and also for some reason it reminded Dave of the Men in Black movie’s. We had booked a Family suite as it worked out the same price as a standard room but the only difference is you get a separate living room which was a nice place to relax.

Later on we got changed and refreshed then headed off to CityWalk to eat at our favourite restaurant Cowfish we love this place as the sushi is amazing and we love the atmosphere of the restaurant. We both shared the Firecracker sushi as a starter and for main course we had burgers! Stephie had “The Cowfish has officially left the building” which was bacon peanut butter and roasted banana burger and Dave’s was the “Black truffle cheese burger” which is black truffle cheese and roasted mushroom burger and as always they were cooked to perfection!

We left CityWalk and returned to our resort to check out the restaurant and also buy our refillable mugs for our stay which cost .99 before tax for the length of your stay which is very good value as we were there for 5 days but if you were staying longer it would extremely good value. We also find a store kit which was very cool as the resort has fire pits around the pool areas so you can roast some marshmallows when ever you want.

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“To all who come to this happy place….. Welcome” – Walt Disney

Hey there! We are Stephie & Dave from the UK and we love the sunshine state that is Florida. We loved it so much that from 2008 till 2009 we worked at “The Happiest Place on Earth” that is Walt Disney World ( That is how we met….awwwww……Barf LOL )

Since working for WDW we’ve had many trips to Florida, connected to so many people from around the world and what better way to create our channel for you to follow and share our Disney/non-Disney adventures together!
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  1. Laura Sartorius

    hiiiiiiiiiii 🙂

  2. Fury283

    This vacation and vlog is probably my fav to watch from you guys.
    I always go back to it. 🙂

  3. Simply Me

    Yall took 9 hour flight we take 9 hour drive

  4. Trudy H

    Oh! You cried!! I love when good things happen to everyday people who truly enjoy the experience.

  5. Bella Drew

    This isn't an insult in any way, but I was looking for a British vlog of dlo and just by the cover photo, i knew you guys were! hehe x

  6. David Brazier


  7. iHeartBratayley

    When I first went to Florida in May (from Gatwick) it didn't sink in for me that I was actually going until I landed

  8. Pamela Swan

    It's 16 minutes get off the plane already!!! I don't think I can make it to the end, I'm nodding off. Sorry I tried.Zzzzzzzzz

  9. OfficialLuke

    Awwww the inflatable pumpkin xx

  10. Lykan Prince

    I love the Dave's Kingdom Hearts shirt! Where did you get that?? 😀

  11. Mo Hussain

    Hi, we will be going to Orlando soon from Manchester Airport..have you done any vlog from Manchester Airport ? if so could u send us a link please

  12. Fury283

    I know this is a older video – But I always come back and watch this video here.. for some reason I enjoy watching the traveling part to Disney more then the Disney vlogs themselves.

    I guess the feeling that your going to Disney is more fun then actually being at the park.

    Thank you for all these wonderful vlogs 😀

  13. Alessandra Oliveira

    Muito legal o video! Vocês são bem divertido. ; )

  14. george robertson

    Upgrade part the best part !!!!!

  15. edvaira6891

    One of my favorite moments in all of your videos is the playing around with the barrier between your seats ; "Salaam and Goodday…Please..closer.." Cracks me up each time!

  16. Angelface Glowingangel3

    Wow they feed you gourmet food wow

  17. English Vegan

    Your faces when you got upgraded haha. Pure joy

  18. Melissa Telford

    How long was your flight?

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