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Tourstub September 17, 2021

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Visit USA – 10 Things That Will SHOCK You About America S3:E1

Visiting the United States of America Can Be an Awe Inspiring Fun Time, from the friendly people to the amazing sights, but it can also be shockingly crazy as well when you see the amount of food you get at restaurants and free refills until you have soda coming out of your eyes! Whether visiting the Statue of Liberty in New York City or wandering the Grand Canyon and gambling in Las Vegas to having family fun traveling and visiting Disney World in Florida, there are many things that will SHOCK a tourists when they visit the US. This is our list of 10 things that shock tourists when they visit America.
Filmed in Springfield, IL, Las Vegas, NV, Tampa, FL, Boston, MA & on the Banks of the Muddy Mississippi River.
Copyright Mark Wolters 2016

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  1. Squizzhey Panda

    You are not forced to tip. We just choose to.

  2. IRG-Putin

    usa is 5th. I think China is bigger. But carry on. You need more spray cheese.

  3. IRG-Putin

    lol the size of the usa. America is 4th in land mass. After Russia, Canada and Europe. If call usa a continent. then it goes further down the list past Africa.

    11 Things That Will SHOCK You About America. Lack of geographical knowledge.

  4. Mister Unknown

    That spray cheese is disgusting tbh, I don't eat that

  5. inkey2

    The "Right Turn On Red" thing started in the early 1970s during the OPEC oil embargo. It does save on gas (petrol) in the long run….especially if you have a few hundred million drivers doing it.

  6. Frank Hooper

    I was born in London, but lived in California from the age of 2 until 22 – I've been back in the UK now for over 40 years and still miss easily available root beer! – you can find it here, but it's definitely not common.

  7. Dawid Dubanosow

    when you are in Europe most countries have right turn arrow that allows you to go on "red" light.

  8. Devo

    So Hotels dont have a 13th floor? What is placed on that floor then?


    Wolters I will suggest you to stay away from US and can cheese, it's doesn't seems to work well for your health mate…

  10. Mirek Bieniak

    I was shocked while visiting convenience store somewhere along Blue Ridge and found out it was "dry county". Such a disappointment after exhausting trip from Saint Petersburg ,FL. No beer at all? I was like wtf?

  11. Bounnak Carroll

    I love Texas usa

  12. RushyG

    If u ever go to the Midwest, go to Culvers that place is flipping delicious.

  13. Ole Bras De Ruiter

    That flag thing i believe is Some sort of hypernationalism i visited new york and cape cod. There were sooooo many flags like a flag salesman would do very Nice in the US

  14. captmack007

    euros hate root beer. its a good way to tell if you have a Canadian on your hands pretending to be an American

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