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Tourstub March 25, 2019

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Visit New York – The Don’ts of New York City

We all know what we should DO when we visit New York City, But Here We Look at What You DON”T DO When You are in New York.

Filmed in Central Park in New York City, NY, USA
Copyright Mark Wolters 2016

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  1. NGMonocrom

    Bit harsh on street vendors. I've lived in NYC since 1979. You can buy from the vendors, and you can literally see the quality of the food they're offering. It's right in front of you. Look at it, use your common sense. If it old or not good, buy from a different vendor.

    #13 – Don't ride the subway at night with your family! I will never forget the time, while working nights, an entire tourist family got on. Dad, mom, a toddler, and another son a bit older. The father was skinny as Hell, looking at a subway map he unfolded.

    A common thug could have walked right up while he was distracted. Punched him in the face a few times and then… taken the toddler just as the train was approaching the station and the doors opened up. Or, grabbed the wife's purse, or sexually assaulted the wife before taking off.

    That Dad was an idiot. I get it… you and the family are tourists. For a tourist, riding the subway is an adventure. I get that. But you don't bring you're entire family, including the little ones, into the subway late at night! There's no way you can protect them, especially if you're not paying attention, if trouble walks up to you. He might as well have held up a sign saying "Dumbass tourist. Please mug me and violate my family." Seriously, don't be THAT guy.

  2. katie L

    I live in New York. You're right, we are not mean! We just have to deal with so many people all around us at all times, many of whom are completely nuts, so we keep to ourselves by default. We're a little suspicious of others because trust me…WE HAVE SEEN IT ALL and we know it's sometimes best not to look. This city can be rough on you after a long time, and it's crowded almost everywhere, so you have to be a little self-protective so you don't get annoyed with everyone. This sensory overload is rather shocking for tourists, so just imagine how exhausting it can be at the end of a bad day.

    But helpful, hell yes. I love helping lost tourists! We are proud of our city and love being the ones to give you the "real" story.

  3. Ken Nickels

    Don't always trust signs. For example, Grey's Papaya sells hot dogs, not fruit. I don't know why.

  4. Trisha Giscombe

    The bathroom tip is a good one because you'll be walking around for a while and need to relieve yourself .

  5. ThatsAFact OfficialChannel

    I'm from London and it's exactly the same fast living city , moody assholes just trying to get to work but too many tourist get in the way, locals can't stand Buckingham palace and other monuments but tourist seem to love it and the fast food places are hella shit but cheap, hotels are expensive taxi drivers will drive 8 miles out the way to charge you extra lol , LDN & NYC seem very similar i think I'll be fine when I move out there , Newham to Brooklyn lol

  6. single mom

    NY metro-card for the subway was awful! I couldn't get through, I tried to swipe it slow but it didn't work, I did it a bit faster and it didn't work as well. The people on my back are angry because they are in a hurry. One guy shouted at me and I got nervous so I step back and accidentally step on a woman's foot standing behind me and she shouted in pain. It was horrible experience! And to add salt on the wound, I accidentally took the express instead of the local train, my friend was waiting for me in a next station and he was like. "Oh my God what are doing in Brooklyn? and I said I don't know this is where the train stops. So I went back on the subway and took the empty compartment as the other compartment are impossible to get in, I almost fainted because it smells like hell and I hold my breath or else I will die of suffocation inside and i have to wait for the next station to breath. A good vacation turns to nightmare!!

  7. project RHIthink

    I'm a New Yorker, adding to number 10, i'd definitely check out Long Island. I mean the beaches here are to die for, if you want, you could head to Adventure Land or even Splish Splash!!! In the fall White Post Farms is the place for family fun! If you're looking for an aquatic adventure, Atlantis in Riverhead is for you. After a nice day, go to the nearest Ralph's Italian ices and enjoy the best ices in the state! Explore New York, and there's even more cool things upstate too!!!

  8. CyBorg

    I know that your videos are not bad (pretty good), but given the little grass movement, you are behind a green screen. like if you agree. dislike if you disagree

  9. Someguy8047

    Tips: Don't stare at people. Don't step on peoples shoes. Never have a lot of cash in your wallet..don't flash your cash when paying for something. Don't act lost, always walk and act with purpose. Acting slightly disinterested in the things around you helps.

  10. The Casual Bandit

    Really found this helpful as im from England and will be visiting New York in Novemeber, also going to Woodbury Outlet as have heard its good there. Anyone have tips on best times/weekday to visit empire state, a broadway show and the statue of liberty?

  11. Dominique Woods

    If you get lost using the metro, do not ask the police, they will laugh at you, ask the locals for sure.

  12. Heidi Brandes

    I live here and was turned on to "The Halal Guys" (In the yellow sweatshirts) by a visiting out of town friend. I thought I was too good for street food… but holy sh!t they are so friggin good!! Just do it

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