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Tourstub June 12, 2021

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Visit California

Visit California with stars and the Governor himself!

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  1. kigozi muhammad

    California is a America's preexisting condition

  2. Sergio Murillo

    Where's the one where Arnold says, "Get to the chopper!" at the end? Did it get taken down?

  3. Ch V

    I don't like CA

  4. dont worry be happy

    Arnie should show video of him fucking his maid…..move to cali….get rich and famous marry a kennedy….then sneak into your maids room every night and bang her……thats a video I would like to see…..

  5. Gracie Davis

    Rob Lowe <3

  6. SUpersaiyajinjerkbag

    Ah, California. A surprisingly nice state filled with stupid people. Americans are so dumb

  7. Stuart Greer

    Paul freakin' Rodriguez!

  8. Chris

    the pre-scandal era

  9. Rolling Ormond

    No more Arnold with Maria, unfortunately.

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