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Tourstub May 20, 2019

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THE STRIP HAS CHANGED! Las Vegas Strip 2017!

We took a cruise down the Las Vegas Strip on Friday night to see what has changed. Since my first trip to Vegas the landscape continues to change. This is a 2017 cruise down the Las Vegas strip…with the lovely Erica as your tour guide!

#LiLV – Living in Las Vegas
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  1. Asif Malik

    Thanks for the nice video! Can't wait to get back to Vegas

  2. crazy4corbinbleux

    Do you (or anyone here) know how to gain access to a swimming pool at any hotel on the strip you are not staying at ?! Thanks!

  3. Abdiel Gonzalez

    We went on 2014 for SEMA show. looks a bit changed. Looking forward to visit again next month. Gotta love Vegas. lots of walking for sure. We didn't rent a car first time, but we didn't leave the strip surrounds. This time we plan to visit Hoover Damn and possibly the Great Canyon, so a car is a must, I think

  4. Rel1369

    I spent 3days in Vegas back in late 2005, not much I recognise. We stayed at a relatively small casino almost opposite the Venetian. Not my fave place but we were flying out the Grand Canyon and staying overnight there so thought a few days in Vegas just to say we stayed there. I'm from Australia, so we (my 3 sisters and I) had to spread our 2 1/2 weeks across the country.

  5. Claire Pierson

    i sure miss vegas used to live there ty for sharing

  6. David Camack

    My first visit was on 12-30-02-1-02-03, and yes it has changed considerably! Stayed at the old Sahara and the old hotels were still up and running. Stardust, Frontier, Westward Ho, Riviera, Barbary Coast even the Boardwalk! It's a shame, but considering pretty soon anyone who may remember those places might soon be gone, it's understandable! Visit Fremont Experience for old school Vegas!!

  7. Bryan Salazar

    Yes it looks alot different than when my family and I went las summer the riviera was standing now it not and they have a lot of candy stores it's a good place for. A vacation

  8. mrDarth Trick

    800° pizza was realy good …..we stayed there too

  9. joethebumbler

    I have not been there in about 11 years. It is amazing how much it has changed in that time.

  10. Thomas Wilson

    Looks the same to me I was just there may 4th-9th 2017

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