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Tourstub October 24, 2021

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The Best Cruises From Four Big Cruise Lines

The Best Cruises From Four Big Cruise Lines

The Best Cruises From Four Big Cruise Lines {focus_keyword} The Best Cruises From Four Big Cruise Lines default 63

Let me tell you about the best cruises I’ve had with each of the four big cruise lines: Royal Caribbean, Carnival, Norwegian, and Princess.

Some cruises are better than others, and after 35 cruises with four different cruise lines, I think I’m in a position to point you to the best cruise ships and the best cruise experiences.

But don’t make the mistake of taking your first cruise on the best cruise ship in the world… because everything after that is going to feel like a step down!

I recorded the voice-overs using an Electro-Voice RE20 microphone… which sounds a LOT better than some of the mics I’ve used on my previous YouTube videos!

If you enjoy this video, be sure to also check out which is the story of the best cruise we’ve ever been on. It was a cruise we did AFTER this “best cruises from four big cruise lines” video was made.

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All other music was sourced from the YouTube audio library, with no attribution required.


  1. Roxanne Aldave

    can i ask when is the best time to go on a cruise? coz i saw a lot of cruise ships videos during a typhoon or bad weathers.

  2. Jyoti Sharma

    You are a fantastic narrator!

  3. NYC girl

    Ive been on over 30 cruises The first one 1975 The Oceanic, 1976 Doric Rodderdam on & on. Im not a big Carnival fan. It attracts some riff/raff. And some grimy . Ive been on 5 Norwegian ships & I found them very clean & excellent food. Celebrity cruises are good. Royal Caribbean very good & good food. Disney cruises I thought would consider the first time on their lines cruisers. Our grandkids weren't able to visit with the characters because the repeat cruisers get first choice. Not fair & super expensive. That was last year. By far the best service, food, entertainment & customer service was on the Oceanic which has been scrapped & old fashioned but there was something very romantic about it. A BIG issue with Carnival was my husband broke a tooth on a peppercorn in Pizza we had from the 24 hr Pizza stand. We went to the stand to tell the server, he didn't care & still served the very same pie. We told the customer service person I guess the purser & we were called to an office. We were accused of trying to scam them by claiming my husband broke a tooth. We are both professionals & were in an expensive suite that was very insulting & we didn't return until we had no choice as a large group of friends were going. Very cheap fares attract a different kind of traveler. There was about 30 college age kids from a fraternity. Fights in the casino, by the pool & a big family reunion & they had more fist fights than anyone. What would you have done in those situation Jim???

  4. DisneyWorld Lover

    Have you ever been on a Disney cruise? Carnival sucks. It's cheap and all the workers suck

  5. justSTUMBLEDupon

    Thank you for making this video. Very informative.

  6. J.N.J. 704

    Royal is the worst

  7. J.N.J. 704

    Carnival is the best

  8. nize 2 beme Reinhardt

    grand Cayman was the best stop because the stingray touch

  9. nize 2 beme Reinhardt

    I was on carnival Vista last week

  10. Christopher White

    Best cruise ship video yet!

  11. Madi Elizabeth

    I've been on the Carnival Breeze and it's my favorite Carnival ship

  12. Jeanette Theurer

    He He He!!!!!

  13. Shadingly

    Disney is honestly the best (In my opinion don't get your trousers in a bunch) If you've ever been on a Disney Cruise you know what I mean.

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