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Tourstub July 15, 2019

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We booked one of those SUPER CHEAP discount trips to Florida, 0 USD per person for air and hotel, having no idea how it would turn out. Would our hotel be a total dive or a great find? Well, we found out!
The hotel is Monumental Movieland on International Drive in Orlando. We booked the package through Expedia. The airline was Westjet. No problems with the fight whatsoever.


  1. TabbyAngel2

    "we shall stand for our food and eat kabobs!" LOOOL

  2. curlybobz

    I find these videos with you and your son very entertaining.

  3. Brigitte Cloutier

    Je t'adore Sonia. You inspire me. Have a great time in Florida with your joyful son. 😉

  4. murdy1975

    Always bring a UV light to a hotel room.. Then you can see whats really there~! Then show it to the Staff and you will probably get a new room. That can be redundant tho..

  5. murdy1975

    Your an AMAZING Mother!

  6. murdy1975

    Pretty cool! I can watch you all day going on vacation!

  7. RealLionKing LKD

    Good deal, was it United? Lol

  8. 5 ArtesLiberalis

    From the plane the earth looks pretty flat 🙂 Great video.

  9. Täuschen

    Tina Fey, Show yourself!!!

  10. You Tuber

    Sonia, download Kodi on your desktop or laptap, then hook the desktop/laptop to your tv via HDMI cable. You can watch the shows you like that way. There are plenty of videos regarding the Kodi program here on youtube. (Obviously WiFi will be needed) Enjoy your vacation guys!

  11. Natural Lifestyle Show

    My 7 month old is loving the videos with you and your son. He has been hopping up and down in my lap while we watch them. 🙂

  12. itchiray

    Soy Milk?????

  13. urthebest1122

    Go off your diet on a vacation, then go back home and do a mini detox, you'll be fine, lol!

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