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Tourstub May 26, 2017

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Sightseeing & Tourism: Saratoga Springs, NY

Sightseeing & Tourism: Saratoga Springs, NY…Documentary Showing Sights of Saratoga and Things to do in the city. Rennell Reed is your host.

I will take you around this iconic city in upstate New York. Since we’re in Congress Park let’s take a look at this part of the city first. The Saratoga History Museum and Canfield Casino.

Saratoga Springs isn’t called Saratoga Springs for nothing. Here I am at Congress Spring in Congress Park which is mineral water from the ground. So if you want to you don’t have to buy water at the store. If you have a water bottle you can just put it into one of these 4 spigots where water comes out. The water is quite good. Spit and Spat Fountains, Batchelor Inn and Downtown Saratoga.
While you’re in Congress Park be sure to ride the Congress Park Carousel. Now this Carousel first made it’s daube here in Saratoga in 1910. It was there auctioned for a price of over 0,000. According to the U.S. National Carousel Association of the 3 to 4000 wooden carousels carved in America between 1885 and 1930 less than 150 of them still operate today. The Congress Park Carousel is the only wooden carousel carved by Marcus Illions that still operates today and this is a 2 row Carousel.

Be sure to check out The Charles F. Dowd Memorial. Charles F. Dowd was the first person to come up with the idea of standardized time. In the mid 1800s he was the principal of the Girls School which is now Skidmore College. He passed away in 1904 here in Saratoga under the wheel of a train.

Co-Host Megan Parsons
I.O.S. Productions/Saratoga Native.
In the Saratoga Spa State Park there is a Sundial Clock Newman Pete Wait Junior whO was the president of the Saratoga Performing Art Center. (SPAC)

Also check out the Geyser Island Spouter.

In addition to the spring a Congress Park which is Mineral water, there is also the Joseph L. Bruno Pavilion which is fresh water with the acception of one of the spigot that spits out mineral water.

The State Seal Spring is special because it is the only fresh water spring that is naturally cold besides the Joseph L Bruno Pavilion.
Ballet slippers can be found all around the city of Saratoga because The New York City Ballet takes place at S.P.A.C. every year. These slippers have different art projects on them. It’s similar to the Uncle Sam Statues in Troy, NY but in Saratoga we have Ballet Slippers.

The Saratoga Auto Museum has a collection of old cars from the 1960s, 1950s, 1940s, 1930s, 1920s and since the dawn of the auto mobile in the State of New York. It was also the Saratoga bottling plant. Notice that the building still says Bottling Plant.

Be Sure to check out Yaddo Gardens.
Hungry yet? Be sure to go to Lake Local on Saratoga Lake just before you get to the Saratoga lake bridge.

As we all know Saratoga is known for the Horse Racing Track. It is the most popular thing to do in Saratoga Springs.

Special Thanks To:
Lake Local
Saratoga Auto Museum
People Of Saratoga
Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream

Produced By Rennell Reed Films & I.O.S. Productions.

Rennell Reed
Megan Parsons
John Darcy

Photos By Rennell Reed
Additional Photography by Ray’s Country Images

Footage of The Firecracker 4 Race Provided by Ed Burke.

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