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Tourstub May 26, 2017

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Sam’s West Coast Adventures (Temptations Saga Book 2)

Sam's West Coast Adventures (Temptations Saga Book 2)

Sam's West Coast Adventures is the story of former Major Sam Davis. Sam hunted prisoners of war in the jungles of Vietnam with his dog Trigger from 1964 until 1966, when he was captured. In 1968, Sam's best friend, Captain Derik Martel Johnson got caught in 'Saigon's Deadly Game' where with King Crow, Charlie and Daniel's help, Sam tracks Martel down in the jungle at the brink of death and brings him back to base alive. Derik nearly dies of grief anyway because Tu Kim died despite all his arduous efforts to save her. Rehab, friendship, flying with Tony and recon duty with Sam give Martel reasons to live.
Sam and Martel made it home to the states. Martel, Charlie and Reverend Bill are now all gainfully employed at their private parachute jump school, The Flying A Ranch. Sam's current under-employment stocking shelves at a supermarket, lonely single marital status, uncle duties for a special needs niece and Martel's upcoming wedding throw Sam Davis into emotional turmoil.
Decorated Vietnam Veteran, Major Sam Davis suffers battle fatigue nightmares from his years of solo recon hunting MIAs and his own extensive torture as a POW, before Huey pilot, Major Tony Panetella rescued him out of a raging river. The Good Doctor, Nurse Nemesis Sampson and Surgical Medic, Captain Derik Martel Johnson saved Sam's life back in Vietnam. Martel trained Sam to be a medic, as he recovered from his extensive injuries. Being a medic is not a career option at home because Sam has seen more than enough blood and guts to last him the rest of his life!
Sensitive Sam also sees daytime precognitive visions of the destined future, possible future and the past. These unwieldy visions witnessed by peering through specific mystic doors are enabled by an enchanted silver ring Martel's lovely little friendly, Tu Kim, gave to her beloved Sword Master, then later bestowed on Sam at her magic circle. At that amazing mystical spot a dedicated group of brave soldiers and locals ritually killed the unspeakably evil Warlock.
Feeling overwhelmed in New Jersey, Sam takes a leave of absence from the Army Reserve and his job and rides his 1969 Harley Davidson Electro Glide to San Francisco, California, financing his trip with poker winnings. He wants to see what sort of future he and Martel might have had with Kim, if brave, beautiful, brilliant Tu Kim had lived through 'Saigon's Deadly Game' and all the evil Warlock's dreadful curses.
Along the way Sam meets Martel's mysterious Marge, who fell out of the sky into Martel's lap, then disappeared. SHE is a force of nature!
Sam befriends 'Jerry' the cop and uses his status as a Messenger to attempt to intervene in a murder he witnesses through the Possible Future Door. After a sweet interlude with Marge in the backyard of the nursing home where she works, Sam discovers much to his dismay that the Warlock is not completely dead after all and the machinations he set in motion in Vietnam are now hurting people in California. The Warlock upends people in time and can track his victims through both time and space. Marge suffers Multiple Personality Disorder and her internal structure is a mosaic of several distinct personas. The warrior inside of Marge is known internally simply as SHE but romantic Sam names HER: Honey. SHE saves Sam's life, several times, falls madly in love with Sam, then ingests the Warlock's blood, so SHE can take him on as the enemy through time and space with her spirit avatar friend, Tu Kim. This second book in the Temptations Saga explores how Sam and his Marge Mosaic meet... both now... and then.


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