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Tourstub February 23, 2020

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Sabrina Carpenter – Evolution Bus Tour

Taking you through my very small, minature, compact home for the next 5 weeks on the Evolution Tour.

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AHH!! We finally get on our tour bus today! I figured I’d give you a tour bus “room tour” and show you where we’ll be living for the next month for our show #girlsnightin !! If you haven’t bought tickets yet use this link:::
Twitter: @AlishaMarie + Instagram: @macbby11
Snapchat: LidaLu11
Chloe’s Instagram: @itsmechloemae

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  1. Ryan Ng


  2. crazy sitzungs verbündete

  3. Wolfiedough2000

    I love your sweater, Sabrina.

  4. noé REMY

    Please for your next concert go to Nîmes is in gard in south, nîmes is between montpellier and marseille

  5. jahnai minott

    Sabrina is my idol and my favorite singer

  6. CoDPro Gamer

    yo Sabby. if you ever go on tour around the world then i think that you should visit Pakistan and stay in its capital, Islamabad, it is a beautiful place(kind of), but the attractions are so beautiful. i know its for muslims and well your not a muslim, but its okay. it is quite confusing to get around, but just use a GPS then. Hope you reply.
    also my name is Zarar and i guarantee that you will pronounce my name wrong.

  7. clochette msp

    Hay ,I love you sabrine

  8. Micaela Sanchez

    you are a great singer

  9. Princess Valentine


  10. Sarah Strecker

    OMG I live there OMG Alisha she was live

  11. Amelie Maunder

    So they had two buses ??

  12. Lily Bravo


  13. Donnie MSP

    i miss this tour ;-;

  14. Katherine CP

    When the bus furniture is better than your house s

  15. Arielle Mendez

    lol when u get that certain craving for nachos at 3 am

  16. Gracie Mae

    Omg I have the same Nike hat as you! #Twinning

  17. Lps Maci

    Anyone saw her the girls panties at 3:52

  18. Nasima Lopez

    Who's scrolling through the comments in December 2016 and wishes they were Alisha right now cuz I do

  19. linnnizzz


  20. Koalakid1060 AJ

    My birthday is October 2

  21. mystery girl101

    there should be a vlog for October call vlogween

  22. Eleanor's Vlogs

    What vlogging camera do you use? Xxx ❤️❤️

  23. Ore Oshodi

    who else is watching this in 2016 and is happy for alisha that she went to another girls night in ❤

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