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Tourstub September 20, 2019

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Nintendo New York Store Tour 2017!

This is my first time ever being in New York at the formally known Nintendo World now called Nintendo NY! I wonder what awaits us inside?
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NY tour by helicopter – lower Manhattan and central park
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  1. Goo Planet

    man what makes me mad is this is in new York witch is literally 1 state to the north from the state i live in

  2. Kermitt_13/Narf Arf

    If I was in that store I'd be like "This is so much better than GameStop!"

  3. RhezMoneyy -

    I would spend so much money there… if I had any. Too bad I live in North Dakota and have no money to travel to New York anytime soon

  4. Austin Pott'e

    Hey man what is the price on the giant mario plush? I'm going in July I wanna get that and a few shirts please answer

  5. MetaKoop100

    I live in Massachusetts so I'm not that far away

  6. Cleveland Roberts

    im going there this june how are the prices on the shirts im from texas by the way nice videos

  7. timekillerB

    So it's just a store what could go in any mall?

  8. EzeLuigi

    I've only been there twice and I live in NY

  9. Brian Seymour

    Very cool, very jealous!

  10. Ninten70

    I always wanna check out this Store!

  11. Siko1000

    looks like amazing tourist attraction… i want to go but i live in Australia…

  12. clapphamjunction

    ny is gigantic, manhattan is just a small place for the whole of the city, icredible!

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