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Tourstub September 22, 2020

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Nice Bus Tours To New York photos

Nice Bus Tours To New York photos

Some cool Bus Tours To New York images:

73-Standing on the Driving Range
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Image by Counselman Collection
I had decided a bus tour to New York would be better for Pam rather than fighting airports and all the security junk they put you through in long waiting airport security lines, taking off your shoes and treating you like cattle, with so many restrictions on what you can carry. Not only did we get to see the countryside before hitting Manhattan, it saves a bundle on parking. We just parked our SUV at the AAA office and we had no /day airport parking, which was a great benefit. When we got to Times Square it was nice and dark and the lights were all on. We always thought Venice Beach California was the weirdest place we ever visited, but now we think it is tied with Times Square. Just to let you know, I am so relaxed; I finally made it as a professional singer on the cruise and made some money in the process. Actually, I was singing in the shower, and Pam paid me five-dollars to stop; and I think the money came from the suite next door; oh well, a profit is a profit. Even a ship this huge when cutting through the ocean has quite a wave motion and you can lose your balance really easily. As we got up north almost to Greenland, it got really foggy, and you could hear the fog horns blowing all night. You can get Internet service, but at almost a buck per minute, so you better not hang on too long. Internet on a ship like this is not like the high-speed broadband you are used to having at home. Here on the ship, your computer data is sent through the air from the ship 22,000 miles above the earth to a satellite, and then it bounces back down to earth; kind of the long way around, but very cutting edge. It cost me just to send one e-mail. Most of the food is included but not pop; which we bought cruise soda cards at about each. If you want a drink from the bar, they run about each. They charge you about per day each person just for tips, which is OK, but we like to tip extra for exceptional service. Even though you are paid ahead before the cruise, the extras still really add up, and that does not even include souvenirs. The ship had 3,100 passengers, plus another 1,200 crew. The crew was very diversified hailing from 55 countries; amazing. So many different accents, all working together; just beautiful. The ship is the Caribbean Princess and it is so large I never could get a full photo of the entire boat.

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