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Tourstub October 24, 2021

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Niagara Falls Tours from Tours4Fun

Niagara Falls Tours from Tours4Fun

Looking for the perfect summer vacation? How about a trip to the majestic Niagara Falls? Book Niagara Falls tours today for the trip of a lifetime!

Much thanks to the Big James Morning Show (@TheRealBigJames) for footage and our tour providers.
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Niagara Falls Tours From Toronto - Canada - Toronto - M5J 1S8 {focus_keyword} Niagara Falls Tours from Tours4Fun default 47 – Niagara Falls Tours From Toronto Niagara Falls Tours

Niagara Falls Day Tours from Toronto

While we continue to improve the quality of our tour, BEST Toronto Tours and Limousines has prepared a tour package that will get you the most and the best of Niagara Falls Bus Tours.

Contact Information

Address: 60 York St
Toronto Ontario
M5J 1S8
Toll Free: 1 (888) 220-2938
Phone: 416 894 6242
905 205 0050
Fax: 905 678 2963
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  1. Cyan S

    Hi there. I have some inside information that might be useful for your consideration. My mother and I went on the Niagara Falls 2 day tour taken from New York City return Saturday 12 July 2014 to Sunday 13 July 2014. However, unfortunately, our trip encountered a terribly dangerous bus driver whose driving behavior was simply unacceptable. Please see a list below of examples below.

    Due to these unacceptable conditions, we contacted the company and demanded a partial refund for the tour but we didn't hear anything back after three weeks the tour ended.

    Some inappropriate driving examples:

    – The bus was late for our initial pickup in New York by approximately half an hour to 40 mintutes.

    – The driver turned off the AC for approx. half an hour without informing us. After people started to feel suffocated, he told us that the AC needed a break and can't work for now.

    – Within the first half an hour of the trip he was pulled over by police, we think for his reckless driving and/or speeding.

    – The driver was constantly leaning his Upper body in the wheel which caused very unsafe driving. At these times his eyes were drowsy and he seemed he was almost falling asleep.

    – He was texting and on the phone while driving.

    – The bus was very dirty inside and outside. Several people complained feeling like as though they were 'in a homeless shelter'. Our tour guide asked the driver to clean the bus on Saturday night when we arrived at our motel and he said no I am too tired.

    – The driver did not know the directions of where to go and several times almost missed the necessary exits. Our tour guide had to inform him of the exit and he would quickly swing the bus across lanes recklessly to not miss it.

    – There were several near accidents due to speeding and dangerous driving. He swerved several times to miss cars and we felt like our bus could almost hitting sides of bridges and ramps.

    – Finally our last pick up at Niagara Falls on Sunday he was approximately 45 minutes late because he said he had to get gasoline (he had 2 hours to get gasoline while we were at the attraction). Several people were complaining of these unacceptable and dangerous driving conditions. The driver was informed about these complaints on return to pick us up and became mad, he then drove away with all of our luggage for a further 45 minutes. He refused to answer the tour guide calls, so we didn't know if he will even return with our luggage. At that time one passenger called the police. He was practically holding us hostage. During this time everyone on the tour decided we would not return to his bus and demanded another bus to take us to New York. Our tour guide Jim was extremely helpful and organized for another bus for us. Once Keith returned with our belongings he said 'I am over it' and that everyone should get back on the bus, we all refused. Approximately 45 minutes later another bus driver came to our rescue. The new driver was lovely, bus very clean and very safe driver.

    Although we did enjoy most of the attractions (we had to skip the glass museum due to lateness of bus situation), the trip had much stress and anxiety.

    I do want to make it very clear that throughout our tour guide was extremely helpful. He always out client satisfaction and safety first. We were all very impressed with him and think he handled the situation quite well.

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