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Tourstub May 20, 2019

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New York Big Bus Tour – Night & Day 2016 4K

New York Big Bus Tour – Night & Day
Video Captured during My Around The World Trip.
Copy and use of my video is not allowed. Jacek Zarzycki.
Video Rating: / 5

We compiled this video after riding The Big Bus Tours two days in a row.

Big Bus Tours:

Music Credit: ” Cut and Dry, Shiny Tech, EDM Detection Mode, Shiny Tech 2, Voice Over Under, Eighties Action” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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  1. sile jbe

    Hello nice video,can you get of the bus and back in for same price like if you want to walk around and eat,and what about to see statue of liberty. thanks

  2. Dulat tekebaev

    New York JAKSY

  3. Dulat tekebaev

    New York siri fo

  4. Michael Rolle

    Super Video ich war im Oktober 2016 da(Big Bus Tour 6 Tage dabei) und muss sagen wen ich das sehe als ob ich gerade noch mal da bin. Eine Hammer Stadt..

  5. Subhankhi Moulik

    great video!!!!!!

  6. Rudy B

    What was the package you bought for the Big Bus Tour? Awesome video!

  7. Alejandra G

    After taking the Cruise to visit the Liberty Statue, we were left waiting for more than an hour…all buses were full…and didn't stop

  8. Monika Matuschak

    Klasse Video, eine schöne Erinnerung, ich war gerade dort, ich liebe New York ❤

  9. phantoma 4k 2017

    great video Newyork

  10. Miss Daydreams

    how is new york? your honest opinion. i never been there but want to go, and eventually live there

  11. Sumit Balmiki

    can you help me ………………..sir do you whats app?????

  12. Where is the best place to stay in new york


  13. Paul McCluskey

    Fantastically sharp picture quality!!! It feels as though you are actually there – brilliant work 🙂

  14. younes younes

    i love you usa

  15. oreomonogatari

    I spent like 20% of my time in New York on this bus tour xD

  16. burdell2

    Beautiful video! it looks almost IMAX like when i watch it on my TV. Is there a part 2?

  17. novayorkbrasileiros

    Aren't 4K files huge? How did you manage to upload 16 min of 4k footage? (Great Video by the Way!)

  18. Jimmy William

    I love New York city

  19. Captally

    Were you an Anglophile before you came Tami, or was you're choice of a holiday destination just a good one for you?

  20. Tim Daugherty

    you and Kevin should go back with me! I am going to the Queens Birthday parade. June 8-18!!

  21. Tim Daugherty

    I did this same thing. On June 5 I rode the "long ride". I got bored after 45 min and just hopped off and walked)


    Great video, Tami. London is a very beautiful place. We liked the other bus that was along side the one you were on, Ghost Bus Tours ( I think that's what it was.) That was so cool. That is a tour that would be good to take closer to Halloween

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