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Tourstub August 14, 2018

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My life in the US I PROM, WORK AND TRAVEL USA 2016 I

My boyfriend does my makeup tag :
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If you’re traveling to the U.S. for the first time there are some things you should know. Hannah and John discuss warnings that other countries give their citizens when they come to the states.

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  1. Constantin Traistaru

    hello everyone:
    can you help me with a like for a contest please? 🙂

  2. Jaeaee Kim

    พี่ไปของ เอเจ้นซี่ไหนคะ?

  3. Travel Channel

    "Great video!!! I have shared your video on DiziVizi by tagging it to NY, USA
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  4. -Gemberkoekje-

    language barrier? if we cant understand english we couldnt watch this video.

  5. Joe barker

    My country warned me about all of the extra possible harmful ingredients in food

  6. John Labus

    Russia should warn their citizens that taxi drivers in the US are likely to be Russian or from former eastern bloc countries!

  7. Mahesh M

    One World One Passport When?

  8. Hugh Mongous

    "Fuck you foreigner go home" lol omg

  9. EX7R3M3

    very irritating, more conversation that letting us know what we need to know.

  10. Marosi Zoltán

    It was my dream, but not anymore!

  11. blooneyful

    LETS GET REAL: #1 Believe it or not, most cops are actually nice and helpful. They are honest and will help you in any way t t they can
    #2 There isn't guns everywhere!!! GUNS!! GUNS!!! People carry them, but they are concealed and it requires a
    major vetting process and various instructional courses to do so…..So don't freak out!!
    #3 Not everyone is fat and stupid.
    #4 It is far less expensive in the U.S. than most other developed countries.
    #5 LAST THING….If you see a whiny SJW/liberal pile of shit….punch them in the face!! We love that here.

  12. Water Bowser

    In the Netherlands is normal to sunbath topless

  13. D S

    The gun commenters are wrongly informed. Born and raised in the US and I've never seen anyone sporting a gun. I'm not saying they don't have them, but I live in the Suburbs. Bullets aren't exactly popping out of the woodwork. Gun owners are more responsible then that. You just see it in the media a lot, because it's 'shocking'. As for the cops, I've had one traffic ticket and I'm 41. It's bazaar to see the comments from people in other countries who probably saw one our ridiculously false news broadcasts or overplayed news broadcasts. Makes me wonder how wrongly informed I am about other countries. I think that's why I started watching YouTube. Real people showing what their lives abroad are really like. It's fascinating really. The US isn't some crazy place with a bunch of people murdering each other. Sure there are bad areas, just like any other country. But the majority is perfectly safe. We're not all dickheads! Some of us are fully aware, that our country is determined by simple biology and birth. Pride is an earned thing. Being born anywhere doesn't equal pride of a 'location '. Respect for that country…Yes. But pride… No. You take pride in accomplishing something. One can't accomplish their own birth or location of said birth. Therefore 'pride' is total BS. So please… Come visit. We all share this planet. The government morons just 'think' it's theirs. How any group can 'own' any part of it is absurd.

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