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Tourstub January 22, 2018

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Flying the complicated and realistic PMDG 737-700 NGX out of Los Angeles LAX airport on a gorgeous summer’s day. The sun is setting, the lights are coming on and the scenery looks wonderful. I’m all set for a flight over to Las Vegas where I will do a quick fly-by before a night-time landing at McCarran International airport.

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In this video I have the following installed:
– FSX Gold Edition
– Orbx – FTX: Global BASE
– Orbx – FTX: Global VECTOR
– Orbx – FTX: EU England
– HIFI TECH – Active Sky Next
– FSDreamTeam GSX Ground Services
– FSDreamTeam Los Angeles Intl (KLAX)
– FSDreamTeam Las Vegas McCarran Intl (KLAS)
– FSDreamTeam Las Chicago O’Hare (KORD)
– UK2000Scenery Xtreme Glasgow Intl (EGPF)
– UK2000Scenery Xtreme Stansted (EGSS)
– UK2000Scenery Xtreme Edinburgh (EGPH)
– UK2000Scenery Xtreme London Gatwick (EGKK)
– PMDG 737 600/700/800/900 NGX
– EZDok – Camera add-on by Flight1

Note that FSX does require some configuration tweaks to get it to run well on a modern computer (information available online). I also run most graphical settings on high but limit it to 30fps. The engine is too old to run well at a higher fps. A config tweaker is available online here:

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Music used with permission: Machinima Sound


  1. amar a


  2. Mallymall TV backup

    this is amazing

  3. aloneadrian

    You flew in on some British airline, didn't you? Kills me everytime I hear Brits saying "Los Angeles" Vegas breathtaking as always! 
    Where is it written that all our dreams must be small ???? EXACTLY! Never, especially on The Strip in Vegas with Bellagio Fountains dancing!

  4. aloneadrian

    God, love it, love it, love it!!! did the same drive all by myself long time ago. And from SF as well, through Barstow. Loved every minute of it! Oh, I envy you! For all the travelling you do!

  5. Mr Ewok

    My dad is a pilot he knows everything in the cockpit

  6. Iron Matrixs

    I'm just remembering how I was at heathrow airport and I had to wait at least 20 minutes before I could take off because it was so much traffic on vatsim that day

  7. Sumania

    "You have to be nuts to fly with us" lol

  8. Matthew Gocha

    lol how many times did ils kill you doing this ? I died on approach to Vegas 4 different times. once to ils over shooting the run way. another undershooting third being ran over by a larger aircraft comming in too fast behind me and last…. I clipped a tree lol

  9. UnReal Daedric

    This is actually really nice to watch. 🙂

  10. A320 Mustangs

    Where did you get the passenger sound affects?

  11. sam Soccer 7

    me to but i want to try it

  12. sam Soccer 7

    nice view

  13. Star _ Fox

    Nem értem repülőgép ellenőrzések

  14. the sucide squad


  15. Nick Fallon

    Turn off your AI traffic…and when you are ready for vatsim it becomes more important…

  16. Shane Davies

    Hip hip hooray hip hip hooray hip hip hooray

  17. Ajeoung

    How to play wih this complex game?

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