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Tourstub April 4, 2020

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Madison and Gracie Haschak Room Tours (California & Atlanta)

Madison Haschak and Gracie Haschak from the Haschak Sisters

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US Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly visited the entry port of San Ysidro, north of the US-Mexico border, Friday, as part of his two-day tour of the country’s border with Mexico following US President Donald Trump’s executive order to begin building the 2,000-mile (3,218 kilometre) divide between the two countries.

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  1. Danny lee West

    gracie i love your laugh its so cute

  2. Guadalupe Noriega

    when were you born

  3. Udesh Dewan

    That is grate

  4. Bella Padin

    the uno challenge

  5. kasey and keira bffs

    I made one of those stress balls

  6. 3P1K JZ


  7. Fabian Martinez

    my sister loves you and your sister's

  8. Taylor Barton

    Do a diy project

  9. Rosa Galvan

    why did you move

  10. Franklin Pina

    Why are you on this channel

  11. Loyd Pye

    the wall the wall just got 10 feet higher 10 feet higher

  12. MrSpiritus001

    Santa Anna was captured and forced to recognize Texan independence. After returning to Mexico, he established another dictatorship until he was expelled three years later in 1841. The annexation of Texas by the United States led in 1846 to the outbreak of the Mexican-American War. Santa Anna, recalled to defend Mexico, the Americans did not stop and in 1847 Winfield Scott penetrated Mexico City. At the peace of Guadalupe Hidalgo in 1848, Mexico was forced to cede half its territory.

    There was no chance at all for Mexico to face such a vile and rapacious act of war. Mexico was a newborn country trying to survive the horrific war of independence after 300 years of bloody slavery from Spain. AMERICA attacked Mexico in the weakest moment, and crippled a great nation fighting for survival. The world knows who the actual rapists and murderers are. Remember: The Mexicans never crossed the border, the border crossed them.

  13. MrSpiritus001

    Texas is stolen from Mexico. US Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly doesn't have the legal right to walk there.

  14. Walt JR

    He's gonna get rat shit in his burrito!!

  15. WhatWas ThatNoise?

    Kelly is doing a fine job so far. Lets hope everything works out well and that big, beautiful Trump wall is erected soon!

  16. bulg7430

    this is a PR show, if you think he actually went to the parts where the illegal activities are and where you can walk across the line, You truly are a blind sheeple!!

  17. Grig Van


  18. HyborianAge


  19. Pandora Clock Work Wonder

    why cant all yall believe they trappin us in not keeping them out what a bunch of fools everyone is becoming don't say i didn't warn you….

  20. CarlTheCuck

    Did I seriously just see a McDonalds flag?

  21. froggleggers

    Good. Build it strong and build it tall. And then, and then let immigrants come in LEGALLY. There is nothing wrong with LEGAL immigration. Our country was built on LEGAL immigration.

  22. Virtual Assistant Alana

    Yeah, how is our government going to keep Mexicans from tunneling under the border wall?

  23. northwoods cointelpro

    lol only with our money and some taxes to them.

  24. Herman Andrews

    Get the WALL UP UP UP. Then DEPORT the illegals to the other side FOREVER.

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