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Tourstub May 20, 2019

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Indian Restaurant Las Vegas – Mint Bistro Review

Las Vegas Vegan Indian Food. Marta and Brock visit Las Vegas and explore the wonderful cultural dishes that Mint Indian Bistro has to offer. They take pride in offering something for everyone. Like Brock’s hat? Hemp hats here:
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Our mission is to inspire others to lead happy and healthy lives through plant-based health, recipes, DIY home-workouts, yoga, and more!

We’re Marta and Brock, happily married new parents, and bring you a fun and simple approach to fitness, weight-loss, and nutrition through our knowledge, experiences and continued journey. Tune in for creative home and outdoor workouts, health and exercise tips, interviews, and organic gluten-free plant-based recipes (raw and/or cooked) for health and fitness newbies and enthusiasts! Occasionally you can win some cool stuff too 🙂

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  1. Abhijeet Das


  2. Inzy amd

    lady your nose is putting me right off my curry.

  3. Shub

    We Indians like spices but two thing also mean a lot to us and they are 1) color 2) smell

    To make things look spicy we make the color of it red. So if you see something yellow or of some different color then you can safely assume that it will be less spicy. Also Indians make sure that the smell should be such that it can make you feel hungry, especially in non vegetarian food. But that smell thing won't work on Americans because Americans have a totally different perception of smell. What smells good for us may smell disgusting for an American.

  4. tanmay mukherjee

    i actually like your video and you should probably try khichidi it is amazing with papad and pickels

  5. my videos

    did you just look at the menus ??? did you actually order anything ??

  6. my videos

    omg is this some kind of nazi restaurant ??? "sir have you tried the Hitler Weiner balls…"

  7. goodies love

    tasty tasty

  8. Biraj Nag

    India have 29 states and all the states have hundreds of own dishes……india is not about naan and curry……..if you want to eat real indian food come to india…….

  9. Sandeep Sharma

    india is food paradise ..but people only know nan and curry its just two..we have thousands of food

  10. TameTusker Silly

    Incidentally, the present CEO of Microsoft, Satyanarayana Nadella is from the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. Eating tons of red hot chillies makes you gun for the top job in Microsoft?:):)

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