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Tourstub November 26, 2020

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How YOU Can Vacation (Without Going Broke)!

How YOU Can Vacation (Without Going Broke)!

How YOU Can Vacation (Without Going Broke)! {focus_keyword} How YOU Can Vacation (Without Going Broke)! default 15

Cheap vacations and cheap flights don’t have to FEEL cheap! Let’s talk travel websites, travel deals, vacation packages, last minute vacations, and much more!

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Created by and Hosted by:
Emma Mills & T. Michael (Mike) Martin
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Directed by:
T. Michael Martin

Written by:
Thomas Frank (
& T. Michael Martin

Edited by:
Nathan Talbott

Executive Producers:
Hank & John Green
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  1. L. T C.

    Trying an Airbnb for the first time hope it goes well.

  2. Shini gami

    Great tip for traveling, if you have a military friend, invite them with!!! Discounts are plentiful and sometimes way lower then most "cheap" alternatives. As a thank you for their discounts help/offer to pay for some of their portion of the trip. For example: my family (in all 10 adults 3 children) combined spent well over $19,000 on Disney world, where if they would have looked into other options that cost could have been $9,000 total. Still would have been on property and in a nice hotel BUT would have to buy the wrist bands or wait till we got there for them. So if you have a mil bud, see if they can take the leave and search for those deals!!!

  3. andres acuna

    im in love with this girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Jakewray

    KAYAK has a European equivalent called SkyScanner

  5. ntcssj

    Also, besides airbnb, is a great resource for free places to stay on your trip! (Of course make sure of safety, but I've heard great things!)

  6. Úna Parkinson

    Long time away for me but I like the advice.

  7. Benjamin Hauk

    PROTIP When traveling, transportation geared toward tourists is super expensive. Instead try local transportation like Chicken Buses in central america. it will cost considerably less and you will be able to meet the locals on your way to your destination.

  8. Michelle Bean

    Two tips 1) look on groupon for deals and 2) go to Mexico because everything is cheap there! My fiancé and I went to a resort in Cancun that we found on groupon. They had all you can eat, beach access, pool access, snorkeling and a lot more. It was beautiful and tropical, like going to Hawaii but with really really inexpensive store prices (except for souvenirs because those are at tourist prices, but even then locals are usually willing to haggle!)

  9. Alejandro CM

    what do you guys think about couchsurfing

  10. buyonegetoneicecream

    Mike #2! (or 5 – depending on color preferences)

  11. buyonegetoneicecream

    Emma: #3! (or 2 – depending on your personal preference)

  12. Michael M. Morgan

    Mike – #5
    Emma – #2

  13. Sarah Geiger

    If you are flexible on dates and location lets you search by price and weather etc so you can see just how far your dollar can get you, literally.

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