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Tourstub October 16, 2018

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How To Road Trip California, Be Cheap, And Still Have A Good Time

After finishing my California Road Trip video this summer, I realized I still had a lot of extra footage that I hadn’t used. So I decided to put it to good use in a new video. This video is the result: How to Road Trip California. It’s more of a narrative and slower in style than its predecessor, but I’m hoping you still like it. Here’s a link to the first video if you haven’t seen it:

Many people ask, “How much will it cost to road trip California?” “What are the best places in California to visit?” and “Where is the best food?”. The answers to those questions depend on a lot of different factors. California has so much to offer. To truly experience the whole state could take over a month. And you still wouldn’t see everything. Time, money, and personal preference should all be considered. My main question wasn’t as much “How to Road Trip California” as it was “How can I explore California in one week, with two friends, a camera, and a modest budget?”

I think I answered it.

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On my trip to los angeles, I thought I’d do a countdown of my best things to do in los angeles and list of top los angeles hightlights. 20 Things to Do in Los Angeles :

Los Angeles. Entertainment capital of the world. Ready for it?

Here’s a travel guide of the 20 Best things to do in Los Angeles and top attractions in LA:

1. Hollywood Blvd
2. El Capitan
3. Kodak Building
4. Walk of Fame/ Star Walk
5. Mann’s Chinese Theater
6. Rock of Fame
7. Hollywood Forever Cemetery (Watch video: 4 Weirdly Cool Museums in L.A.
8. Runyon Canyon
9. Hike the Hollywood Sign
10. Canter’s Deli
11. La Brea Tarpits
12. Los Angeles County Museum of Art
8. Free Museum Days
14. Free Live Tapings
15. Eating in L.A.
16. Griffith Observatory
17. The Comedy Store
18. Nightlife L.A.
19 Eating out L.A.
20. Venice Beach

For more information on Things to Know before you Go to Los Angeles:

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  1. Tim Shilling

    thumbs up for spontanious stops on the side of the road. highway one is so great for this.

  2. Prathmesh Mahindre

    Great video !! inspiring

  3. Kelly Morgan

    great video thanks so much! ill be there in 2 months so this is really informative 🙂

  4. Mads Lorenzen

    This was great man, great job. Really enjoyed your video

  5. Tallen Streetz

    Idk why but once I find that the video content was made up to product I always am immediately uninterested unless they state up front what the video is really about. Its funny regular people don't realize this is literally a commercial .

  6. Miriam Berman

    camping is cheaper and more fun than Motel 6

  7. The Lemon House

    This video is so awesome, I really love it and want to see California! Greetings from The Netherlands 🙂

  8. I Am Mr. Nice Guy

    You suck bring a drone not any cheap ass camera

  9. Jc Whitaker

    I also live in SoCal and seen most of these places by motorcycle and it's always a thrill to explore them all. Appreciate all your videos uploaded and they're brilliantly edited. You're gifted at it—don't stop now!

  10. Christian Saavedra

    Great vid 🙂 What beach is that one at 4:23 ? Looks great.

  11. Lorraine Uy

    Nice work! Do you have a blog where I can check out the places you went to? I'm from the Philippines so I really, REALLY want to maximize my road trip in California and probably other states as well if time permitting 🙂

  12. Rachael Israel

    BOOP! Just found your video randomly. Nice work, Randy!

  13. Dirk Rischmueller

    cheesy 🙂

  14. Brynlee Hassan

    why did you stop making la neighborhoods it's soooooo good

  15. Michael Beets

    My buddies and I have DREAMED of going on trips like this since we were in middle school. Next year we we will be going to college, so before we separate for the next 4 years we are going to try and chase our dreams! We will be driving from south Florida all the way to Malibu. It would mean a lot if we could have your help and support!

  16. WhoIsKristen

    This is amazing! Great shots!

  17. jasmeen kaur kamboj


  18. Vivian Lee

    I'm planning a road trip this summer. Thank you for your tips! 🙂 Great video btw.

  19. brightful5


  20. Beat Xxy

    Can't wait to get here

  21. Marcus Allen

    Taking my first trip too LA I'm so excited expecially coming from Indiana

  22. Pernisha G.

    Love the vegan options in Los Angeles, similar to the amount in San Diego. 🙂

  23. Freeze Ice Hockey

    How do you get tickets to see live taping at the venue? Unless that is what was shown in the video I was just wondering if you have to apply and go through a whole lottery.

  24. Witty Tv

    What about Watts Towers.. LMAO

  25. TheFaultInOur GAMING

    I live in the hills, it's really NOT as fun as living in down town, so I'm always stuck up in the hills and can't to the fun stuff.

  26. Ll Lock

    excellent video but Mann, don't care about any of that crap, anybody got some good tips about camping, hiking , etc on the national parks up in there?

  27. Mik3 Airborn3

    Where do they film porn? That's where I want to visit!! 😉 lol

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