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Tourstub September 20, 2019

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[HD] Tour of Legoland – Legoland California Tour 2017

[HD] A Complete Steady Tour of Legoland theme park in California.

What’s your favorite Legoland Theme Park in the World? Legoland California, Legoland Florida, Legoland Windsor, the new Legoland Dubai, Legoland Malaysia, Legoland Billund, or Legoland Deutschland?

Legoland Tour

Video filmed February 2017



    how much is the entrance cost?

  2. TRC

    god this just brings back so many amazing memories…..I really hope they call me in for an interview and hire me!!

  3. Capybaraism

    This is so boring!

  4. The Messy Playroom

    We just went to Legoland and it was soooo much fun!!!

    (it's 2017), anyone else go or going this year?

  5. Alec Villalpando

    3:48 "Oh, that is a cool camera."

  6. bendundidit

    Shame some of the bigger sized attractions looked like they were closed during the walk through. Looks like a really kid friendly park though.

  7. MrMagic

    its a cute park… nothing more needs atleast one more thrill ride. and they should remove the egypt area with all the cheap rides

  8. Scrumecular

    finally somebody did a full tour of Lego Land, I always wanted to go there and now I can see and what to expect there

  9. thenxn619

    I live in SanDiego & amazingly I've never been to LegoLand. But, I feel like I was a bit old at 13 to really have any interest in the park when it did open.

  10. KonradVid

    looks amazing, but some attractions seems to be closed? I'm hoping to visit it next month hopefully all is operational by then 🙂

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