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Tourstub October 24, 2021

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Fifth Harmony – What’s in my Bunk?

Fifth Harmony – What’s in my Bunk?

Fifth Harmony - What's in my Bunk? {focus_keyword} Fifth Harmony - What's in my Bunk? default 34

Watch Lauren’s Day in the Life –

The girls show us what they keep in their bunks on tour. What is your favorite thing they have? What would you keep in your bunk?

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Directed By: Ryan Bell



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Are you obsessed with tiny homes? (I am!!!) Follow me around while Brittany and Steven from show me around their converted school bus!

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Sorry for the sound issues.

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  1. Lily Roggers

    i got that hello kitty oh and i love you guys

  2. Jasmine Guzman

    i likehello kitty too Normoni

  3. George 77

    Best what's in my bunk?

  4. Fifth Mix

    I love that Dinah is just eating in the back when Normani is telling about her blankets

  5. Hannah Grimes

    omg they were in alabama! no one EVER comes to alabama

  6. Castiel D

    5:04 it's "Bobby and me" not "Bobby and I"

  7. Nefthalie Kikunga

    Welcome to my crib!

  8. Ariana Grandeee

    I love this

  9. Jacky's Edits

    I gotta stop having takeover marathons bye

  10. Elizabeth Divino

    LOL epic. If you don't subscribe, we'll get eaten by the cookie monster. Hahaha. Pun intended.

  11. Omar Qayyum Omar

    Oh sweet little Ally we can't smell something from our screens

  12. Connor Reed

    6:30 dinahs just eating chips in the background

  13. Annademidove

    00:3000:38 Had me dying
    "Here it is, Here is where I come(cum) every night after a show.
    I plop on this bed and just relax

  14. Deena Ndifor

    All Dinah did was show us her Polaroids

  15. lucy barritt

    where do they put all their stuff?? that's what I would like to Know

  16. Nayla Sosa

    This is amazing! This is like a dream of mine! Great job. Does the bathroom have a door though?

  17. lee bags

    Lovely.. Good luck with all.

  18. lady boywonder

    How do you guys deal with your parking ? Where do you stay ?

  19. lady boywonder

    You guys made terrific use of your space and I see very little to no compromise on comfort , since you have shower etc
    Man too ☺️
    I still can't. Believe how big you've made your space
    In your bus
    I've seen other people do the same but they make a few … well I would y do it that way

  20. Elver Roman

    I wonder how much you spend on the bus make

  21. Eve Amelia

    How long does a tank of water last? :))

  22. Louisa Wargo

    You live in Sarasota!! So do I! That's awesome!

  23. Jason Henderson

    how much did you spend on designing it??

  24. jessi knippenberg

    is there ever any issue with the drawers or closet baskets sliding out?

  25. Carrie Geren Scoggins [Official]

    One should be able to buy the old school bus, and remodel, for under 5,000 dollars. Surely they did not spend that much!

  26. Ryle Dan

    I'm kinda worried about the bus being an old one cause that can be very dangerous. but your house is still dope though.

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