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Tourstub January 17, 2021

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Cycling Tour of California 2017 I Stage 3 – 192.5 km. Final KM.

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Stage 3 – 192.5km Pismo Beach / Morro Bay

Final kilometers of “Tour of California 2017” Stage 1.


  1. Cycle Racing Live HD

    Dear subscribers, with 15 000 reviews, commercial only 130, then advertising revenue does not come, that is, there is no sense in recording video! Please disable Adblock, because I also need something to eat!

  2. Veevee Archer

    I like the ToC bc the riders all slept and won't be riding in the middle of the road and getting killed like they do in IPWR. IPWR is a ridiculous race on roads open to cars and bikes to share, and always including sleep depravation to make the mix even worse.

  3. kreekree

    Thank u! My recording cut off the race way too early! I normally don't like sprint stages but I love to see this guy win! Don't want to spoil the winner for anyone.

  4. Charlie Dillon

    I'm American and always think about distances in miles EXCEPT when watching bike races where seeing miles noted along with kms on tele is incredibly distracting and unecessary. Pretty sure anyone watching this race doesn't need to be pandered to with the stupid mileage conversion.

  5. Eric Trux

    Thanks for the quick replay

  6. Bob Parsons

    This really you Peter. I am a huge fan.

  7. Bob Parsons

    Great countryside but not as good as Alberta!

  8. Bartholomeus Clever

    ty for the upload

  9. Charles Du

    these commentators are awful. clearly only knew Sagan's name….

  10. Big Vegan Jeff

    damn… Quick Step shut down that Rally lead out like they were standing still.

  11. Copyrightless Music

    I've expected that Bora will create better position for Peter Sagan for final sprint. But we've seen the same scenario like last years with other teams again.

  12. Bjørn Solberg

    Who won?

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