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Tourstub June 12, 2021

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Cool Visit Las Vegas images

Cool Visit Las Vegas images

Some cool Visit Las Vegas images:

Christmas in Las Vegas
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Image by wbeem
Most years, I spend my Christmas holiday in Las Vegas. I’m going to miss it this year because it’s actually become a very comforting place for me. I get to see some friends who live there, get some comfort food at Mr. Lucky’s in the Hard Rock Hotel, and enjoy some cool weather without getting into snow. It’s also typically one of the less crowded periods there, so I don’t have to fight through hordes of bodies to get from one place to another and rates are very low. It’s definitely my favorite time to visit Las Vegas.

Everything seems oversized and grand along the Las Vegas Strip, including these golden presents in the Bellagio. It’s such an ostentatious display that you have to wonder what it would be like to rip it open on Christmas morning, even though I don’t really do presents. Instead, I have a bit of a routine of favorite places that I like to visit on Christmas, some favorite restaurants for my meals that day, and a wish to hit a jackpot just once. Still waiting on that last one.

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A Muse
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Image by wbeem
One Thing Leads to Another

I like to wander around the resorts when I visit Las Vegas. There are always familiar scenes and there are new decorations. It’s a bit of a mix. The lobby of The Venetian is one of those familiar things that I like to shoot. I keep trying to find a time when it’s empty, but that’s not easy. Las Vegas is a 24×7 town and this lobby is pretty popular. So, I didn’t get the shot I had in mind on this trip.

Instead, I found this musician resting on the fountain and a muse struck me. It wasn’t what I had in mind, but that’s one of the things I like about photography. Sometimes you get something you didn’t anticipate.

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