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Tourstub January 18, 2021

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Cool Visit Las Vegas images

Cool Visit Las Vegas images

Check out these Visit Las Vegas images:

Paris Hotel Las Vegas – Light Trails on the Strip
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Image by Sprengben
Hi Flickr friends,
Have been trying to get in touch with a lot of your streams after having finished my last trip. I really hope I have not forgotten any of you.
Thanks for being friends here, sharing the passion about photography, exchanging comments and fav’s and being a really cool network.

Today I upload a quick edit of the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas. I was a bit too lazy to work on the haloing in the sky… My fault! I guess most of you guys have visited Las Vegas. If not I am not sure if I should recommend it if you haven’t yet visited. I mean it is kind of interesting and surely a crazy place but on the other hand it is as hot as in the desert there and you meet only crazy drunk people…

However if you want to visit Las Vegas you surely will have various impressions. Defnitely cool are the Hotels which must have been reeeaaaallllyyy expensive. There are light, shows, fountains, girls and cars everywhere all over each hotel.

For me as a mathematician, seing all these expensive buildings, I decided not to gamble because I am sure if the chance would be 51:49 for the gambler to win, the bank would not open up any table or game.

For me the song “Princess of China” from “Coldplay” somehow fits best to this crazy town. I know the title and the video do not fit at all but for me the music is as strange as this city…

Coldplay – Princes of China

Have fun watching!

See you around.



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