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Tourstub August 13, 2020

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Cool Travel Advisor images

Cool Travel Advisor images

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Beer on The Bryggen.
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Image by Neil. Moralee
In conditions like this I would normally retreat to a pub and relax with a beer. However in Norway beer is about 3 times the price it is in England. So a few more wet shots before I hide from the rain.

Its not too bad for the English tourists, we are used to plenty of rain, however I did feel pity for some tourists in "T shirts" and shorts. I had a conversation with an American couple who had been advised that they would only need a light jacket (they were booked on the Hurtigruten and were travelling up to "North Cape". Their travel adviser must have been a bit confused as to where north cape is.

The North Cape is often (mistakenly) referred to as the northernmost point of Europe, located at 71°10′21″N 25°47′04″E, about 2,102.3 kilometres (1,306.3 mi) from the North Pole. However, the neighbouring Knivskjellodden point, just to the west actually extends 1,457 metres (4,780 ft) further to the north.

103-0362_IMG_Mount _Sinai
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Image by globetrotter_rodrigo
Image used on travel advisor

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