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Tourstub January 18, 2021

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Cool Trafalgar Tours images

Cool Trafalgar Tours images

A few nice Trafalgar Tours images I found:

Italy-1378 – The Marco Polo
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Image by archer10 (Dennis) 96M Views
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The Marco Polo car ferry built in 1983.

I like ships, trains and planes so I take pictures of them when I can.

A European Honeymoon: Day 4 (Rhine River and Cologne)
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Image by Quad Dimensional Pictures
Oct. 4, 2014: Olivia, John and their new friends on Trafalgar Tours’ "Highlights of Germany" trip take a brief but breathtaking cruise along the Rhine River. The one-hour excursion reveals a sample of Germany’s remarkable castles and palaces nestled along the river’s steep banks.

After a pair of pitstops, the group exit the bus in the heart of Cologne (known to the natives as "Köln) where a gloriously gigantic cathedral entice residents and visitors alike to gaze skyward and reflect upon its gothic spires seemingly ascending to the gates of heaven. The cathedral’s interior further awe the shuffling crowd with its ornate tombs, statues and stain glass windows.

The couple temporarily turn from Cologne’s religious splendor to its more secular delights when they purchase several small bottles of 1411, a liquid with a fragrance so delightfully alluring that it launched an industry that shares the name of 1411’s birthplace: cologne.

John and Olivia spared a few minutes to browse through the Romano-Germanic Museum’s gift shop before returning to the bus for their next grand adventure.

Photos by John Carkeet and Olivia Carkeet

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