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Tourstub May 26, 2017

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CATCHING UP w/my crazy summer  GYMSHARK WEST COAST TOUR {focus_keyword} CATCHING UP w/my crazy summer  GYMSHARK WEST COAST TOUR default 11

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Great Concert!
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Also Sprach Zarathustra ( Theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey) / See See Rider / I Got A Woman – Amen / Love Me / If You Love Love (Let Me Know) / You Gave Me A Mountain / Blue Suede Shoes / It’s Now Or Never / All Shook Up / Teddy Bear – Don’t Be Cruel / And I Love You So / Fever / Bridge Over Troubled Water / Band Introductions / Early Morning Rain / What’d I Say / Johnny B. Goode / Love Letters / School Day / Hurt / Hound Dog / Funny How Time Slips Away
It’s Now Or Never is delightfully sung and America is sincere and ‘ok’. Elvis was performing ‘America The Beautiful’ at every show earlier in the year but started leaving it out on this November tour.

Steamroller Blues only performed once on this short tour is of course another ‘highlight’ and is a strong version for 1976 with Elvis really digging into the band solos.

Love Me Tender, again only performed once on this short tour, just seems a throw-away addition but there is a strong finish with the medley of Mystery Train/Tiger Man (missing from the end of the concert on 29th) Sound for ‘bonus tracks’ is ‘very good indeed’.


  1. Elaine Yim

    im a new subscriber and wow Robin, you are a breath of fresh air!

  2. ant sz

    does gymshark sponsor everyone YouTube?

  3. Rawr

    dam her body is perfect

  4. LoveTheSurgeon

    So is Robin alive? This is not cool…

  5. Chi Allis Nguyen

    LOVING your hair!!

  6. Cigonas Liaudies

    Please turn down the music lower, it's hard to hear your voice due to music 🙂

  7. Joanna Marin

    What supplements do you use before, during, and after you workout?

  8. Ashley Patterson

    Hi Robin, just started watching your videos. You are totally an inspiration!

  9. NaomiNotNiomi

    Jazz is hilarious

  10. LuvCali28

    Please post more videos! At least once per week 🙁

  11. Brittnee Russo

    for someone deciding whether to cut or to bulk what do you recommend? i have a 25% BF but idk if it makes more sense to cut to lower bf% then bulk or to bulk where it adds more BF% then cut??

  12. serena kang

    what shoes are you wearing at 3:16??

  13. Tom T

    Blue suede shoes…like it …little bit different

  14. Marcia Brasileiro

    adoro os shows de 1976/77.

  15. ERICK silva

    i always hated the piannna bein way up in the mix . solid show tho

  16. Monica Kaja

    Could you please upload the new FTD (Las Vegas 1975)?

  17. Edson de Lima Aride

    Very Good listen Mr Elvis and your Band Espetacular! Thank you Dario!

  18. will davidson

    hi good show do you have more to come

  19. Monica Kaja

    Thank you soooo much!!!!!!:)

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