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Tourstub April 5, 2020

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Canada Border Crossing from USA on foot

Crossing the border from USA into Canada on foot across Rainbow Bridge.

To get to Canada from the USA, cross Rainbow Bridge from Niagara Falls, New York USA into Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada. To leave the United States of America, walk through a self locking metal turnstile gate without needing to show any id at this point, half way across the Rainbow Bridge there is a bronze plaque on the bridge fence indicating the United States / Canada International Boundary Line, this area is also notated with the Canadian flag flying next to the USA flag. To enter Canada after crossing the International Boundary Line you must show your passport to customs agents before entering the country of Canada, there is no fee for this process but when you want to cross the same bridge back into the USA there is a .50 cent fee.

Walking across Rainbow Bridge takes under10 minutes, the time to show your passport to the agent at the Canadian border and the agents at the USA when returning to The United States of America cannot be determined as the time varies based on how many border agents or people trying to enter the country at any given time.

There are excellent views of Niagara Falls from both the USA and Canada, but they are both very different, the view of the falls from Canada shows a more natural less built up look, where as the view of Niagara Falls from the USA shows more of a city built up look.

For more information on crossing Niagara Falls Bridge visit:

For more information on Ontario Canada visit:

For more info on Niagara New York USA visit:

Border crossing during free time of
2-Day Niagara Falls Tour from New York with TakeTours!

Ontario, Canada
New York, USA, North America
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