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Tourstub October 24, 2021

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BUS TOUR!! GIRLS NIGHT IN 2016!! AlishaMarieVlogs

Here is the Girls Night In 2016 BUS TOUR!!! We’ve been having a blast on tour! Hope you enjoy this!! Sorry I’ve been off my vlogging game lately! BUY TICKETS:
LOVE YOU xo -Alisha Marie
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Over the course of a year, my wife and I transformed a school bus into a tiny home for our family. Today our school bus conversion serves as a cozy sanctuary for our family of five.

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  1. Emmie Petersen

    OMG I WAS IN SAN FRANCISCO WHEN YOU WERE! That's crazy! Love your channel!

  2. Paityn Seiger


  3. Zoe Leombruno

    I live in an Fran

  4. trisha ileto

    dear miss alisha why not include ashley ,tayren and mia in your girls night in band??? 🙂 🙂 🙂 and btw I love love love u vids ur da best miss alisha. xoxo TRISHA 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. Natalie Flores

    She has musically

  6. Random Potato

    Pause at 1:46

  7. xXPusheenDaCatxX

    I feel special that i shop at the same clothing store as Alisha ;w;

  8. Libbie Clayton

    its my birthday

  9. Liz Gosling

    OMG I have the same makeup foundation sponge

  10. Mister Bakon

    so im currently

  11. Yana Iyad

    wy do you live in a school buss

  12. Lashaia Avila

    is weight an issue?

  13. Tia Fae

    The way you dry clothes is super smart

  14. Brandon Porter

    Reminds me of snowpiercer

  15. William Arrowsmiith

    Great video…well done! Love your bus. =)

  16. sherrie nickerson

    so far, this one's my FAVORITE!!!

  17. Bonny Mahoney

    Great use of the space. I'm sure it's always that tidy but that's OK.Good luck.

  18. Carmen Hernandez

    Awesome. Very tidy.


    I love how happy your little ones are. we have a 4 month old and are planning on converting a 12 ft box truck into a tiny home to start a more minimalistic lifestyle. I got a lot of good ideas from here. thank you for sharing 🙂

  20. wpsljen

    Thank you for sharing your awesome home! I may go tiny at one point, but I can't imagine living with other people while doing so…maybe a dog or a cat but great for you for being able to accommodate everyone in your family! Cute kids btw

  21. Cyanide Lollipop

    Inspiring! What I love the most is that the small living space encourages the kids to GET OUTSIDE AND EXPLORE! Your kids are SO blessed to have this opportunity. Excellent work, mom and dad!!!

  22. Arelys Vega

    why the hell did he have a knife on the couch if he knows that his kid could have grabbed it and cut himself

  23. Tommy Enriquez

    Yikes i was just thinking about how much damage will be done if you get in a car crash

  24. cheryl lakin

    Very smart on some of the layout, but with 3 kids, HELL no !!! That's NUTS !!!!

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