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Tourstub July 18, 2018

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BRITISH HOLIDAY 2015 – Trafalgar Tours

Trafalgar Tour – 8 Day Amazing Britain
Tour Code: BHIL
Tour Director: David Metcalfe

If you’re thinking about doing a trip around the UK, this is a nice taster trip albeit not including Ireland or Wales. If you have not traveled in the UK before, you are well looked after by Trafalgar (David was exceptional).

There is a fair amount of traveling, which obviously can’t be avoided, but much of the scenery is breathtaking.

Accommodation and included meals were very good as were the ports of call on the itinerary.


Magic – Performed by COLDPLAY
The Way – Performed by MATCHBOX 20
You’re such a star – Performed by RONNIE SARAS
Stonehenge – Performed by YLVIS


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  1. Kaye Radford

    Really enjoyed that … cheers 🙂 looking at one of their tours for next year … you seem to have good down time to wonder off …

  2. Mattias B

    Who did you have as a tour director and driver?? I went on a trafalgar tour in march of 15 and want to see if you had the same people.

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