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Tourstub January 18, 2021

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Bell 407GX New York Helicopter Tour with full ATC flown by Andrew Woods.

In part two of this two part review ZIP Aviation’s Andrew Woods takes us for a NYC tour in the Bell 407 GX.

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  1. Panayiotis Katis

    Great Flight, great photography.!

  2. saul alvarado

    What is that red lever on the cyclic?


    gostei da viagem!!!

  4. DJ

    That view flying beside the skyscrapers was absolutely stunning.. Imagine being paid to bring people out to see that everyday!

  5. David Gaito


  6. UrgentementeUK

    Watched the walk-around and prep video a couple of days ago and thoroughly enjoyed it, this is just as good ,obviously brilliant views, but it's not just that, it's the whole shooting of it and Andrew's chilled demeanour, almost feels like you're in the cabin . Video quality also looks amazing given that YT says it's max is 1080p, any plans to do a 4K? (of both parts please for us heli geeks !)

  7. Keith JACOBY

    Fantastic video Nick! Thanks for the tour.

  8. skibumirl

    That pilot was one extremely professional, chilled out dude. Great video.

  9. FlatCrank

    Very nicely done and thoroughly enjoy your videos! What is the red, old school type bicycle brake lever, that is on the cyclic on this 407?

  10. Christian Idler

    Very nice thanks for the great job.

  11. thecorbies

    Amazing aircraft, amazing city tour, amazing video.  Well done guys and thanks.
    Regards Mark in the UK

  12. killian McHaggis

    Wow, thank you Nick.

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