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Tourstub October 24, 2021

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Bea Miller – Bus Tour (Vevo LIFT)

Bea Miller – Bus Tour (Vevo LIFT): Brought To You By McDonald’s
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Dana Williams from Diamond Rio takes us on a tour of the band’s tour bus. It’s TOUR-iffic!

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  1. itsnotshelbyy

    i would rather live in that bus than my house tbh

  2. Rhys Larsen

    I am a child in a 23 year old body

  3. Annie Swink

    i have a pillow like that to. its amazing

  4. Edwin Auskin

    till now i really doesnt understand why she's so cute…… cute…

  5. bonitim1

    What BUS ? Kappa

  6. Abigail Sweitzer

    Is it just me or does that bus look exactly like the one Dan and Phil used to tour in?!

  7. Liédson Silva

    how old is she?

  8. Jennifer Rodriguez

    She's so sweet

  9. Volcanicpit2153

    the car helps me sleep to.

  10. koreen kate bocayong

    Bea <3 <3 <3

  11. Assasin Lord99

    So friggin adorable lol

  12. NotoriousDan

    Come to pa?

  13. Michael Floyd

    Those are some tight bed spaces. But I know they have to be on a bus.

  14. I am Groot

    Where is the cocaine ?

  15. Mike Dow

    Hi Ken, was that filmed without the z axis extension and if so did you add any stabilisation in production.

  16. robin plas

    that osmo has a great camera

  17. T.J. Livingston

    That was neat to be able to see inside Diamond Rio's tour bus. Thanks Ken, always bringing us something new.

  18. RealUnitedStatesVlog

    Congratulations on 6k subs!

  19. sofabike

    Ken, Sir You STEPPED on my wander SUBJECT = Since I was a little kid I Love BIGgggg BUS'es. Give me MORE Big buses please, or RV's *** p.s. (I made a klik and got a Number =25=Like)

  20. Mike Bowler

    I want that bus!!!!

  21. RobisDroneVideos

    Wish I knew as much about celebrities as you do Ken…
    My big brother asked me who wrote "Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger"
    I said Beyonce 🙁

  22. Troy Swezey

    12 sleeping spots? seems like there is less sitting spots than sleeping spots. Much be crowded when it is not sleeping time assuming 12 passengers.

  23. Steve 'Kaboobi' Roo

    Hi Ken, since you featured Dana in one of your previous videos I'm addicted to Diamond Rio. This is the first I've heard of them, not surprising since I live over 4,000 miles away across the Atlantic. I'm now perusing their albums on iTunes. Thanks again Ken for another great video.

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