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Tourstub August 14, 2018

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Art Trip: Washington D.C. The Art Assignment PBS Digital Studios

Art Trip: Washington D.C.  The Art Assignment  PBS Digital Studios

Art Trip: Washington D.C.  The Art Assignment  PBS Digital Studios {focus_keyword} Art Trip: Washington D.C.  The Art Assignment  PBS Digital Studios default 18

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In which we explore Washington, DC’s vast and diverse collection of landmarks, museums, and galleries – ranging from institutions like the Hirshhorn to the art-worthy metro system. Let’s take a trip through Washington, DC.

Featuring the Renwick Gallery, American University Museum, Phillips Collection, Freer & Sackler Galleries, National Gallery of Art Sculpture Garden, National Museum of Women in the Arts, Hemphill Fine Arts, Adamson Gallery, Transformer, Vietnam Veterans Memorial, and the Hirshhorn Museum.

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  1. Baby Irene

    Lucky Mark. It sounds like the cultural spots of Washington are wasted on you. Maybe next time get your heardout of your apps.

    Because it's really boring to watch.

  2. Aurora de Peralta

    DC! American University! Maya Lin! Hirshhorn! WMATA(?)! My heart can't handle this homage to my university city <3

  3. Kait Klooze

    Travel goals! Thank you guys, love these. Art + travel = yes

  4. Madalyn M

    Love the Hishorn Museum! The Cai Guo-Quang "painting" with gunpower and Yinka Shonibare's piece are some of my favorites. I remember stopping to read about them on two different visiting occasions thus making my less art appreciative mom and friends get mad at me. When one visits a museum, they should go through it slowly. At least, that's what I think. Everyone who goes with me like to look at it for a few seconds and move on. NO! They did like Dan Flavin's blue room for selfies though. I also loved how you pointed out architecture and the metro as art. I do still life drawings, and my favorite thing to do is to draw out art from everyday objects.

  5. gcsilmoldor

    Thanks for the great look at DC! I'm glad you had a great experience visiting and the metro cooperated for you (seemed to anyway) (I live in DC and went to American for my undergrad).

  6. Morgan Fudgsiclemonster

    Bonchon is my life <33333333

  7. Kat Head

    I must have a sushi burrito now.

  8. Giorey Michelle

    Would love if you discussed your visit to Art Basel in Miami and heard your thoughts on the clash (or collaboration) between art, artists, the market, and regular people. Also where did you eat or go if you got out of the Fair?

  9. NZT

    I love your videos. But it's so damn fast!

  10. Ali Grotkowski

    Now I want to return to DC. This video was wonderful! Please do more of these sorts of videos that mix tourism and food art with the art of the city life and museums and shows and artists!

  11. hurrahfortaadaa

    One of my Art History professors started off this year by recommending your channel, and I'm glad she did! Your videos are very refreshing 🙂 looking forward to the next one!

  12. Laura Bradshaw

    Thanks for reminding me about the cool place where I live. Just made a date to meet friends to view some of the work you showed!

  13. scarabbi

    This comment comes to you in 3 parts.

    I live in the suburbs of DC, and so I expected to hear about museums I have been to, and by and large these were at least museums I have heard of but not neccesarily been to recently enough to remember them. So perhaps I should plan a few more trips into downtown to see stuff. You did leave out my favorite, the Portrait Gallery.

    Thank you for giving me a new perspective on the Metro, which I don't ride nearly as often as I used to. I never thought of it as art. I'll have to consider it from that perspective when next I ride.

    Your inclusion of the foods you ate has inspired the most thought of any part of the video. I am inferring by your inclusion of it here that you see it not as just food, fueling your journey as gas fuels your car, but as something to be viewed through the lens of art. Is restaurant food art? Is it instead a craft? Can it be both? Is there a difference between an artist, an artisan, and a craftsperson? Since, as food shows like to say, "we eat with our eyes first", is the plate as presented a work of art, which is then promptly destroyed and consumed? If in fact something that is more traditionally considered art were deconstructed, would it cease to be art? If the two clocks of Felix Gonzalez-Torres' "Untitled (Perfect Lovers)" were separated and placed in different rooms, would they become "just clocks" functioning in the way clocks usually function, to tell us the time, and cease to be art? In the performing arts, at some point the performer stops performing and the art is over presumably. So are art objects performing while they are up and if one ever takes down said object its performance is temporarily or permanently over? Is that what happens when my plate of food goes from being viewed to consumed? I also noticed an Asian focus in your meals and wonder if that was intentional.

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