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Tourstub September 17, 2021

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A320 JETBLUE BOSTON – NEW YORK as B061019 flight time 44min, another great texture from my friend Renato

Zvrk - Across the pound (Boston - New York) {focus_keyword} A320 JETBLUE BOSTON - NEW YORK default 67

Zvrk – Across the pound (Boston – New York)

When I started this kind of movement there was no education, parks with obstacles or coaches.
I did not even know the name of “this”. I was alone in a small town.
The whole town was a map witch was supposed to be searched. And adventure has started.

A little man runs everywhere, climbs, jumps, balances without worries, just enjoys.
A Little man competes with his own shadow, to do one more jump and one more push-up, one more…. than yesterday.
A little man pushes boundaries and expands his world.
A little man shares knowledge, ideas,experience, happiness and pain.
A little man learns every day how to be better.
A little man makes his own way following his heart.

Now, almost 10 years later, I am still researching the same desire.
That is what brought me here, desire to explore, fight for progress and love for movement.

I am just one little man in this big world of movement.

Stay in motion!
Saša Ševo (zvrk)

Thanks to:
Blake, Clair, Evan, Aron, Jesse, Steve, Chau, Vincent, Milan, Nikola and everybody else who was part of my trip during time staying in North America. BIG thanks for your playing.

SKOCHYPSTIKS – for people in motion

alt-J – Left Hand Free
Parov Stelar – Love

Sony Nex-6
Lumix GH4 by: Steve Zavitz Films

No copyright infringement intended. Music is under copyright of their respectful authors, and video is used for entertainment purposes only.


  1. sanmalav

    thanks for watching, Ati Sapphire HD5850 2GB

  2. AviationNation737

    what r ur graphics?

  3. sanmalav

    @airbusflyguy thanks for watching, Boston is payware by Flytampa, NY payware too by fsdreamteam

  4. airbusflyguy

    what is the scenery package?

  5. aviationtennisrubiks

    where are the textures from by your friend

  6. sanmalav

    @debarthepilot thanks for watching and for the comment

  7. debarthepilot

    Why were you at Terminal A at BOS when Jetblue's terminal is C? Great video and love the sounds!

  8. sanmalav

    @freetofly10 thanks for watching and for the comment, he safety annoucements i got here in youtube, textures i will send you the link ina message

  9. BenEramoMusic

    Great video man! I love the livery also! Can you tell me where you got it? By the way, announcements at the beginning… 😀 thanks for posting!

  10. sanmalav

    @DefyingGravity767 thanks for watching and for the comment, it´s the FS2004

  11. DefyingGravity767

    Is this FSX or FS2004 ? Nice video !

  12. sanmalav

    @oliverkahn3200 hahahahahha, que isso, nem de férias o cara perdoa, barbaridade, hahahah, aproveite ae dr, bom descanso, abraço

  13. sanmalav

    @rldsantos tava demorando para o mestre aloprar, que barbaridade

  14. sanmalav

    @eroen45 oh, thanks yeah nice livery, always from a friend of mine,

  15. Jeroen G

    Great flight and livery of Jetblue!

  16. sanmalav

    @TAE2053 thanks for watching and for the comment

  17. DJmicaiah

    Hello Boston! 😀

  18. Anton G Parkour

    This is legit!

  19. monkeemoves

    Beautiful movement. I enjoy your creativity and style of video. Much love!

  20. sandibanovic

    Lepo 🙂

  21. Quang Vinh Nguyễn

    Nice movement, nice video, Mr.Chau is so handsome

  22. Baldor Mtz

    Nice flow! 😀

  23. Non-apolagetic Cinema

    Way to move! This is what parkour is all about. Being creative and the best that you can be while loving life and everyone around you.

  24. Ivan Katić

    Which program did you use to edit this video?

  25. Renato Trentin

    which shoes are those?

  26. pka_alex

    really nice one man

  27. Davide Manzella


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