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Tourstub September 28, 2020

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6 BEERS BEFORE TAKEOFF – Las Vegas Trip 2017

6 BEERS BEFORE TAKEOFF – Las Vegas Trip 2017

6 BEERS BEFORE TAKEOFF - Las Vegas Trip 2017 {focus_keyword} 6 BEERS BEFORE TAKEOFF - Las Vegas Trip 2017 default 33

Flew out to Las Vegas earlier this month for Affiliate Summit West 2017 ( ). Even though this was a work trip, my buddy Nick had to put down some beers before the flight…he hates flying. Not recommending you drink 6 beers 2 hours before your 45 minute Southwest flight to Las Vegas…but I guess it helped with his flying anxiety.

It was my first time staying at Encore ( ) which is part of the Wynn group. That’s where a lot of this film was shot. Beautiful hotel. Highly recommend it.

Aside from work we did get to check out Top Golf ( ) which was a fun experience…especially for the two guys in our group who live to play golf. You can check out their channel here, GOLFHOLICS ( ).

Oh, and if you stick around til the end of the video you’ll get to see ZEDD ( ) at Jewel Nightclub ( ) located at Aria Hotel and Casino. Didn’t matter that it was a Monday (or technically Tuesday at the time of me shooting)…place was going off!

0:01 Kanye West – Can’t Tell Me Nothing
4:21 Migos – Bad and Boujee
5:18 madeintyo – Savage
5:51 Young Thug – Digits
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Flew from Hawaii to Las Vegas for my first EDC/LasVegas experience. This is most of the footage i caught with my Go Pro 3+ Black on my GoPole.. That whole trip was Live AF! HELLA SELFIES, HELLA SHAKAS……..EDC 2015 READY! Add me on Instagram: PBJ_808
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  1. Cloud-nine

    just puked up my dinner at first bit boke

  2. Ethan Frame

    i love this!! laz you are the man

  3. Nick Gomez

    Super Dope, LOVE THE MUSIC!

  4. Nick Tollison

    I love me some vegas!

  5. Aall In Limo & Party Bus

    Awesome job laz, keep them coming

  6. Marko Nikolic

    Your best video by far! Love it.

  7. Dream Magnum Productions
  8. PBJ808

    Hey guys my EDC 2016 vid is up! CHECK IT OUT ->>>

  9. Vadim799

    Молодцы парни,классная тусовка!

  10. Lexi Pappas
    check out our video, EDCLV 2015! GoPro Hero 3+

  11. Toni Al

    very sad, this is what vegas has become.

  12. Pompomroxo

    Hi, I'm from Brazil, and if you can answer me one question I would greatly appreciate it. when you will present your document and the ticket at EDC, they check whether your document is false? I am very worried about it, I await the answer

  13. Erin Hupp

    So funny right

  14. Chris Martinez

    Any chance you remember the video settings?!

  15. Germain Berrios

    1 week to go! 2nd time to Vegas, 2nd time to EDC BUT first time for Vegas AND EDC! This video has me hyped!

  16. Michael Lopez

    i was determining whether to record in 60 frames its a lil bit too shaky

  17. Nicole Kinsler

    sick video dude

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