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Tourstub October 19, 2018

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2009 Twi-Tour San Francisco: Kellan Lutz “Why Did Rob Flip You Off?”

Some lucky fans get to ask Kellan Lutz whatever they’d like! Exclusive footage from the February 2009 Twi-Tour in San Francisco.

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  1. Brooke

    TEAM EMMETT!♥ im ther 4 u 😉 lol

  2. Amber Carlton

    im team emmett hunny i would love for you to bite me

  3. Anjelica

    luv emmett

  4. Polaris Chapman

    Team Emmet, Jacob, and Jasper(Yah, I know, everyone but Edward xP )!!!!

  5. NightPersonified

    Couple months ago, I think

  6. NightPersonified

    He called Rob a pussy

  7. NightPersonified

    Team Emmett right here baby! Woo…!


  8. lai

    "I'm single, and-"

  9. Cora Ritchie

    same here lmao

  10. Cora Ritchie

    the book would be totally diffrent i alice an rosalie switched places but i bet it would be cool alice&emmett


    My fave Cullens: Emmett Alice Carlisle Esme and Rosealie( I know that ones weird but who cares???)

  12. ChristinApril

    yeah TEAM EMMETT ! I would like to shmash houses with him. lol.

  13. CelestialPrincess19

    Hahaha, he is funny.
    Don't worry Kellan, I'm definately Team Emmet!!!!
    I love to know that he is Team Edward!

  14. itsthebunnies

    1:23 oh yeah baby~

  15. Melissa Muniz

    yeah he really did.. its funny

  16. lyinggamefan52

    haha that was hilariously funny

  17. claucastgon

    lier lier hahaha he does have one and is the girl from 90210 :p
    hahaha but still sexay!!!

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