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Tourstub June 26, 2019

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2-24-2013 episode of The Joe Somebody Show in which I go over the 11 most frequently asked questions I have received about cruises. This video can answer questions you may have before taking or booking your first cruise.

**2:30 to 2:38 of this video is footage from by Morgan’s Very Unofficial Travel Guides. My video was created several years ago when I didn’t fully understand the rules and importance of copyright. Hopefully he won’t be too upset.

1. Do you need a passport?

2. Itinerary/Ship time.

3. Storing valuables on the ship.

4. Money onboard?

5. Are cruises safe?

6. Toiletries to bring.

7. Will I get seasick?

8. Cruising while pregnant.

9. Booking requirements.

10. Minimum drinking age on a cruise ship?

11. Can I smoke on a cruise ship?

5 More things to know about cruises:

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  1. King GAMERS 101

    I though you need a pas port on the cruise

  2. Randy Dunn

    Don't buy beverage packages. They are over priced and you don't get your money's worth. They start from $170 for beer only to $400 for liquor and beer

  3. Cor Productions

    Btw i cruise a lot and all of them always wait if your late grant it it's on royal Caribbean and princess idk others though

  4. cijmoalbal

    This was a few years ago so everyone – please check the passport policy again! There's a chance it has changed. Disney cruises have safes but I think the question might have been more about what to do with passports etc when you're on excursion. You should have your passport with you in case of the situation you described, you miss the boat or need a hospital/transport.

  5. esmayw1

    Thanks  Joe  ….

  6. Rude Samoan

    Thank you Kermit.

  7. EliteSkills03 1

    with p&O and royal and princess you do get a safe

  8. Brittany Collins

    are you related to Kermit the frog? #kokomo

  9. Ken Kopas

    What is your favorite Carnival Ship? I am looking to go on a cruise in Feburary of next year, on the Carnival Glory.


    I hate walking around the Casino on cruises. Its smoke city in there

  11. Jonjalyn Townsend

    could you update this video

  12. Mark Ramono

    Cool Joe. Ive been wanting to go on a cruise since 1977 when the Love Boat first aired.
    Perhaps one day I will get to go.

  13. Matt B

    You can go on a cruise if you aren't married. Been on carnival went by myself no problems what's so ever.

  14. MaltLiquor45

    my wife and i have different last names – i have been on princess, royal caribbean, disney, norwegian, carnival — and they have never asked for my marriage certificate.

  15. morgan megurine

    On the cruses I've been on, only stuff like extra drinks and on board souvenirs have costed money, but you could buy a sticker on day 1 that would allow you to get free non alcoholic drinks

  16. Joan Reese

    Thank You

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